Why I Became An Actor...

She was wearing a white dress. It was simple, long, and elegantly moved with her body as she walked across the stage. I remember her hair was up in a bun like Cinderella and her arms gently hugged her waist. Her presence commanded a hot spotlight which seemed to magically follow her around.

Watching nervously from the wings, I stood weak in the knees the moment the orchestra’s music began to swell between the walls of Seattle’s Opera House. It was 1991 and over 2000 people filled the seats in the auditorium. So silent, I wondered if they were holding their breath like I was.

Then she began to sing. Her voice so beautiful that even the other opera singers waiting for their cue beside me, bowed their heads as if to give the prima-donna a moment of grace. I was only 8 years old and it was my very first live theater experience.

I dragged my sweaters sleeve across my face, trying to stop tears from hitting my cheek. The other performers just smiled at me, reassuring that the moment allowed for tears. The moment the lights dim on opening night for any theater company is an exhilarating moment worthy of joyous tears. This is what they had hoped for. Tonight every performer from the violins to the actors were to give me and all the anticipated audience a night to remember.

Watching that opera singer take the stage inspired me to become an actress. The way her voice hit every note as well as every beat in my heart made me believe that an artist had more super powers capabilities than Superman. I still believe that to this day.

Think about the first time you saw your first live performance. Did it shape your life in anyway? Now think about your favorite acting performance in a movie. Do you insist everyone who hasn’t seen it must watch it because it is so life changing? Why do you think these moments matter so much to you? Who were the actors or singers and what role or song did they perform?

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