Sweet Tooth: The Newest Fantasy Series from Netflix

Entertaining, emotional and able to fascinate viewers of all ages… Sweet Tooth really got it all!

Hello Explorers, welcome to a new episode of our Acting Explorers Club! The movie we are reviewing today brings us to an alternative future where some babies have developed into "hybrids", half-animals and half-humans. The series is developed by Jim Mickle and is based on the comic book "Sweet Tooth" by Jeff Lemire of the DC family.

What makes this series so special is its atmosphere and the typical fairy tale narration, which makes it so mysterious and fascinating for both adults and kids! From the fairy tale world, this series also takes the need to teach something to the public through its story, as there is a moral behind everything that is told.

Other than this, there are its amazing characters. Extremely poetic, they will earn a place in your heart, each of them for their different and unique characteristics.

Sweet Tooth: Spoiler Free Plot

What is the story behind this incredible Netflix series? From the first episode, we learn that a virus pandemic called "The Great Crumble" killed most people around the planet. This catastrophe happened ten years before the events that we follow in the series, and resulted in the appearance of hybrid kids born half-human, half-animal.

Many humans fear and hunt hybrids, uncertain if they are the cause or outcome of the illness. Gus, a half-deer hybrid, lives with his father in the bush until he dies when he is only nine years old. After this tragic event, Gus finds a box buried by his father next to a tree. Inside of it, he finds what he assumes is an image of his mother with the word "Colorado" written on it.

After one year from his father's death, Gus lights a fire to commemorate him. His decision is to leave his house in the bush to go find his mother. The fire attracts hunters that were nearby, who try to kill Gus. They are soon eliminated by Tommy Jepperd, a lone traveller whom Gus tries to convince to go to his mother's house in Colorado. Jepperd fights back, but in the end, he has to protect Gus because the latter won't leave him alone.

This is where the adventure begins! Another character will gain its importance in the first season: Bear, the founder of the Animal Army, a group determined to save hybrids' lives.

Are you curious to watch Sweet Tooth trailer? Watch it here:

Sweet Tooth: Cast and Crew

One of the most interesting parts of Sweet Tooth is its incredibly talented cast! The main character, Gus, is interpreted by Christian Convery, who is only eleven years old. Despite being so young, he already worked with Hollywood's greatest names and has been acting nonstop for the last two years.

In some recent interviews, he talked about how challenging the audition process was and what steps he followed:

What led to me filming Sweet Tooth was getting the audition, reading what the role and TV show was about, learning where it was filming and, with lots of excitement, doing a self-tape! I know they were looking around the world for Gus and it was by far the most difficult audition process I have ever done. It took about three months of auditioning while being flown to LA and back, meeting the directors, studio executives, executive producers, casting, and finally after all that, here I am talking to you!

Despite being a kid actor, Christian was very professional on set and did all of his stunts. Quite challenging for a young actor! This is what he had to say about it:

"Some of the most challenging and super fun stunts was probably when I had to run, jump onto a hook, swing around into a train and land into a pile of toilet paper! That was really challenging to have to practice and rehearse, but it was definitely worth it because I had such a blast doing it and it looks so amazing on camera! But there were so many other awesome stunts I got to do as well!"

Christian also talked about how he read all of Jeff Lemire's comic books to prepare for his role. He noticed the difference between the book and the series' script, which was developed to be more family-friendly compared to the original story. This was a great plus to him because it allows the whole family to watch it together. In his opinion (and in ours as well), the takeaway from Sweet Tooth is hope and positivity, even in dark situations like the pandemic we are living in in the real world.

Another important character is Bear, leader of the Animal Army and interpreted by Stefania LaVie Owen. Showrunner Beth Schwartz talked about this character in an interview:

"We wanted a female teenage protagonist, first of all. That was really important when I came on the show and everyone was really looking for that type of character to add to our little ragtag group of Jep (Nonso Anozie) and Gus ... And then we started to explore what worlds would be so incredible for Gus to meet and talked about a town made up and being run by teenagers. Like, how much fun is that for a young child who hasn't explored the world to see kids eating candy and playing video games and all that kind of wish fulfillment?"

Sweet Tooth: Why We Loved It

This TV series has many amazing aspects; first of all, it has that rare power of mesmerizing adults and kids at the same level. An ability that not many shows have!

On the other hand, it also drives a powerful message of respect and tolerance.